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Recyclopedia: Can I recycle it?


Test your knowledge about recycling in Massachusetts.

Smart Recycling Guide

Here’s what can and can’t go in your recycling bin.

The Video

Why these common items don’t belong in the bin.

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No Matter How You Slice It

The paper recycling mill called… they want your pizza boxes. Ok, maybe you haven’t received the call personally (yet) but the U.S. box manufacturing industry wants Americans to know that their pizza boxes..,

Massachusetts’ Recycle Smart Tackles Contamination With Education

MassDEP convened a series of stakeholder meetings to discuss contamination of waste—it had become apparent that levels were rising to concerning levels, especially in single stream recycling.

Let's Talk About Plastic (part 2)...

Dear Wicked Smart Recycler,

I get that you can only recycle plastic bottles, jugs, jars and tubs here in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, my favorite coffee comes in a non-recyclable plastic pouch. It’s #PlasticFreeJuly and I don’t know what to do – help!

Let's Talk About Plastic...

Dear Wicked Smart Recycler,

I recently watched a special about plastic recycling and now my head is spinning. I found out that all of the plastic that I’ve been recycling is either ending up in the ocean or going to developing countries where it is being burned or dumped...

A Day in the Life at a Recycling Facility

Meet Moe. Okay, his real name is Ed but “Ed Says No” just didn’t have the same ring to it. You may recognize Ed (er, Moe) from the Recycle Smart social channels reminding you what wacky items shouldn’t go in your recycling bin...

Every Day Is Earth Day When You Recycle Smart

It’s the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, and boy, have we come a long way since the first one. Let’s take a quick trip back, shall we? ...

MA Trash & Recycling Updates During COVID-19

While we are all adjusting to the “new normal”, many folks are wondering if anything has changed with recycling. Good news. Collection of trash and recycling is considered an “essential service” under Governor Baker’s executive order...

Cooped up at Home?...

Inspired by our friends at the City of Cambridge, the Recycle Smart Team wanted to share some tips for how to reduce waste while you are practicing social distancing. You may be getting less use out of your reusable coffee tumbler lately...

Breaking up with Single-Use Plastics

We wouldn’t normally recommend breaking up on Valentine’s Day – but when we reflect on our love/hate relationship with single-use plastics – sometimes enough is enough...

Do you have 20/20 Recycling vision?

While recent news stories about recycling might have you believe otherwise, the answer is an emphatic no, recycling is not a wasted effort. The cans, bottles and paper you put in your recycling bin are part of an important supply chain..

Holiday E-Commerce Recycling

Massachusetts residents can expect a blizzard of boxes this holiday season with the U.S. Postal Service estimating it will deliver a mind-boggling 910 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year...

Thankful Not Wasteful

With the holiday season fast approaching, we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about the topic on all of our minds…. food. Despite our love of Thanksgiving leftovers – it turns out we aren’t that good at gobbling up all of our food, especially at the holidays...

Making every thread count...

While clothing and other textiles do not belong in your recycling bin - that doesn't mean they belong in the trash! Here’s a staggering fact: the amount of clothing that is thrown away each year in the United States has increased 43 percent between 2003 and 2013...

WCVB’s Chronicle Dives into Recycling

NEEDHAM, Mass. — Nearly all residents in Massachusetts say they recycle, but according to the state Department of Environmental Protection, about half of them are not recycling properly. Recycling contamination both costs cities and towns money...

Plastics – What’s recyclable and what becomes trash

NPR – August 21, 2019 – Every year, the average American goes through more than 250 pounds of plastic waste, and much of that comes from packaging. So what do we do with it all?

#BottleCapChallenge 2.0 - Put a lid on it

Let’s talk about the #bottlecapchallenge. In case you missed it – this is the latest social media craze that has people all around the world showing off their karate skills kicking lids off soda bottles...

Mercury Rising

Whew – it’s been one hot summer! Let’s talk about another “hot topic”: mercury. Specifically, batteries that contain mercury. In this issue, we’re doing a deep dive into batteries (all kinds!) and what to do when you’re finished with them...

Winchester takes recycling a notch up

Winchester has kicked its recycling program up a notch. The effort is part of the state-wide initiative Recycle Smart by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Read the full story...

From Cans to Cars...Aluminum and Steel are Infinitely Recyclable

Metal food and beverage cans are probably the most readily recyclable items in our homes and workplaces. But not everyone knows the difference between these two kinds of metals or what happens to them once they’re collected...

What holiday items can be recycled?

Check out this short news clip from WWLP-22 featuring how to Recycle Smart this holiday season. From wrapping paper, ribbons and bows, to paper plates, napkins and utensils – your most pressing holiday recycling questions answered.

Is Recycling a Waste?

It seems like every day another negative recycling story hits the news. It’s no wonder our neighbors, friends and family are asking “is my recycling just going to a landfill?” or “should I even bother?”

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It's officially autumn, Recyclers! If you're making room in your closet for sweater weather, remember that textiles do not belong in the recycling bin. Donate old clothes or check out these instructables to learn how to sew buttons and patches: https://bit.ly/33HhTw7.⠀

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Congrats to Sustainable Northborough for putting together an inspiring video highlighting the importance of recycling! Their Sustainable Solutions video features Recycle Smart MA and we’re proud to have them as our August Partner Spotlight. Read more: https://bit.ly/3jFRljq ⠀

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No matter how you slice it, pizza boxes CAN be recycled. The paper recycling industry recently announced they want our pizza boxes back (without the pizza). Grease and residual cheese don't affect the recycling process. More info at: https://bit.ly/33AYxse. Cheese to that 🍕! ⠀

Pro tip: Fold the box inside out before you put it in the recycling bin. This will help ensure the box is empty and there are no surprises at the recycling facility!⠀

#DYK even boxes where 20% of the total weight is grease can go through most recycling systems with no issues? Here's another article on the pizza box recycling industry and the corrugated cardboard recycling process https://bit.ly/3guUstm.⠀

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