Smart Recycling Guide

Empty and rinse all containers

No plastic bags, plastic wrap, or recycling in plastic bags

If in doubt, check the Recyclopedia for specific items

In The Bin

Every recycling program in Massachusetts accepts the items below. Make sure they are empty and clean.

Metal Food
& Beverage Cans

Empty and rinse

Plastic Bottles, Jars, Jugs & Tubs

Empty and replace cap

Glass Bottles
& Jars

Empty and rinse

Paper &

Empty and flatten


Many items you’d think belong in your recycling bin don’t. Putting them in does more harm than good. Not sure? Check the Recyclopedia.

Do Not Bag Recyclables

No garbage

No Plastic Bags
or Plastic Wrap

Return to retail store collection bins

No Food or Liquid

Empty all containers

No Clothing or Linens

Use donation programs

No tanglers

No hoses, wires, chains
or electronics

Get Smart: Get the Smart Recycling Guide