Recyclopedia: Can I recycle it?

Recycling Resources

Whether you are looking to educate your residents, customers, students, tenants, co-workers or mother-in-law – we have the resources to help you get the word out about Smart Recycling.

These fully customizable online and print materials help take the guesswork out of which items can (and cannot) be recycled based on existing sorting technology and markets in Massachusetts. Developed in partnership with Massachusetts recycling facilities, Recycle Smart MA is your go-to reference for recycling in the Bay State.


Embed the Recyclopedia widget directly on your organization’s website. The widget allows anyone who visits your website to search hundreds of common items (from paper bags to pizza boxes) to find out if they belong in the recycling bin or elsewhere.

For more information on how to embed the widget, please email us at RecycleSmartMA@mass.gov.


Wish you could go back in time and catch up on the Recycle Smart Newsletter? We’ve got you covered! Check out our collection of newsletters – each one is a deep dive into various reuse, repair, and recycling topics that are sure to get you thinking. Read, share, and let us know what you think!

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Help spread the word about Recycle Smart by sharing these graphics on your social media feed. Looking for a specific RSMA post but can’t find it? Send us an email at RecycleSmartMA@mass.gov

Print Resources

"Oops" Tag Hangers

Provide direct feedback to your residents and customers by attaching these tags to curbside recycling containers.  The hangers feature the “Do Not Bag Recyclables” message on one side and a fillable checklist of “oops” items on the other. 


Drop-offs and transfer stations are not all the same, but their signs can be! To create consistent messaging across the Commonwealth, we suggest using our custom, color-coded drop-off signs. View and download the complete list of options by clicking below. Colors can be changed with the help of a professional printer or sign maker.


Remind your residents to Recycle Smart every collection day with a bin/cart sticker. Focus on the #1 contaminant in the recycling (No Bags!) or the top 5 NO list. View and download bin and cart stickers below.

Cart Stickers


Plastic bags, food and liquids, clothing, and “tanglers” such as hoses, wires, chains and electronic cords are the top problem materials that slow down the sorting process and can injure workers at the recycling facility. Use these attention getting indoor signs to help spread the word that these items do not belong in the recycling bin.


Perfect for a community event or the school drop-off/pick-up area – these A-Frame signs can be used indoor or outdoor. The signs feature the top problem materials that slow down the sorting process and can injure workers at the recycling facility.


Some of these resources require professional printing services. If you do not already have a printing vendor– Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has contracted with Tiger Press for printing Recycle Smart materials. Tiger Press is a vendor on the Massachusetts statewide contract OFF44.


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. Share these videos to your favorite social platform.


Optimizing Our Recycling Education & Outreach Efforts

With the average attention span just 8 seconds, reaching residents, customers, and students with important recycling information is challenging.  Learn simple tips & tricks for optimizing your recycling education and outreach efforts.

Youtube recording

Presentation slides

Talking Trash & Recycling

Keep Massachusetts Beautiful offers an interactive presentation teaching residents, employees, and students about what really happens to their trash and recyclables here in Massachusetts.

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Communities have used the Recycle Smart artwork to create truck decals, vinyl banners, magnets, billboards, and more! Feel free to use the open source design files and get creative.  We’d love to hear how you are using the resources, any feedback, and what other materials you would like to see from Recycle Smart. Drop us a line at RecycleSmartMA@mass.gov.