Happy St. Patrick’s Day Recycling Smart Partners!

No need to go looking for a four leaf clover this St. Patrick’s Day! Why test your luck with recycling when you can make more informed recycling decisions? Encourage your mates to recycle smart this St. Patrick’s Day.

With all of the empty cans and bottles sure to accumulate on Sunday, remind people to rinse their recyclables before placing them in the recycling bin.

Spreading the Word

You don’t need to kiss the blarney stone to get the gift of gab. It’s easy to help spread the message of proper recycling by sharing tips with your followers on social media, in a newsletter, on your website, or by word of mouth. When sharing on social, a few snappy sentences accompanied by a resource link and a fun photo like the one above will help grab people’s attention and incite them to engage with the post.

Here is a sample Facebook post to copy and paste and share with your social followers for St. Patrick’s Day:

“Empty and clean recyclables are as valuable as the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. When properly recycled, your plastic bottles, soda cans, and other items can be turned into new, usable products. See what you can recycle this St. Patrick’s Day by checking on the Recyclopedia: https://bit.ly/2A7Ns2F

Boosting Social Media Posts

Another useful social media tip: spend a little money to boost posts! The RecycleSmart Facebook page has seen 50+ new followers as well as an increase in average likes-per-post from 44 to 73 since March 1. Much of this increase in engagement can be attributed to a Facebook post we boosted on March 5 that garnered nearly 500 likes, 28 comments, and 158 shares with just a small spend of $75 behind it – talk about some real bang for your buck!

If you notice you have a Facebook or Instagram post that is performing particularly well, we suggest allocating a small spend of $25-75 to boost the post within 12-24 hours of when it was initially published. Boosting will increase your content’s visibility among a larger, more engaged audience pool, helping to spread the word about proper recycling habits. If you’ve never boosted a post before, or want to learn more about boosting best practices, check out this step-by-step guide from Sprout Social: https://bit.ly/2O1cjLb 

Partner Spotlight: South Shore Recycling Cooperative (SSRC)

Looking for some inspiration? Look no further than the South Shore Recycling Cooperative (SSRC) who is leading the way when it comes to sharing the Recycle Smart message! The SSRC helps 15 towns on the South Shore improve their recycling programs and reduce waste. The SSRC has incorporated the Recycle Smart message by:

  • Featuring the Smart Recycling Guide as a background image on the SSRC Facebook page;
  • Regularly sharing Recycle Smart MA social content;
  • Including information on top recycling contaminants (such as food and liquids) on the SSRC home page;
  • Embedding the Recyclopedia search widget and the Smart Recycling Guide on their Recycling 101 webpage;
  • SSRC Executive Director, Claire Galkowski, uses the Recycle Smart partner logo in her email signature;
  • Advocating for the Recycle Smart initiative in opinion pieces and interviews with media, and even calling in to comment during a recent WBUR radio piece on recycling!

Remember to wear green this Sunday and remember to recycle smart! 

The Recycle Smart Team at MassDEP