Happy Valentine’s Day! Help Spread the Recycling Love

Happy Valentine's Day Recycle Smart and Partners-

You know love for recycling is in the air when more than 13,000 people have used the Recycle Smart Recyclopedia search tool. Since November, Massachusetts residents have looked up over 56,000 items to find out what to do with everything from coffee cups to yogurt containers. Curious what folks are searching for?

Here are the top ten searches:

  1. Milk Carton
  2. Pizza Box
  3. Styrofoam Blocks & Containers
  4. Juice, Soup, Milk Box (Cartons)
  5. Take-out Containers (Plastic)
  6. Aluminum Foil
  7. Cup (Colored Plastic)
  8. Shredded Paper
  9. Gift Wrap
  10. Prescription Bottle (Empty)

Spread the Recycling Love

Flowers, chocolates, and balloons – oh, my! There are a lot of Valentine’s Day items that “lovebirds” may be recycling incorrectly. Help spread recycling love by sharing this message on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram:

 Don’t use social media? Share Recycle Smart information and images in any newsletters, emails, or printed materials you send out!

Partner Spotlight: City of Newton

Last fall the City of Newton sent a magnetic postcard of the Smart Recycling Guide to all city residents to let them know what does and doesn’t go in the recycling bin. We love that Newton opted for a magnet version of the mailer so residents could put the Smart Recycling Guide directly on their fridge! This effort was funded by the Recycling IQ Kit grant the City received from MassDEP in 2018.  

What is the Recycling IQ Kit? The Recycling IQ Kit provides cities and towns with the tools and resources to Improve the Quality of local recycling programs with a focus on reducing recycling contamination though education direct feedback to residents at the curb or drop-off location. This is an open-source tool kit that anyone is welcome to use and includes customizable artwork for education and outreach. MassDEP is currently offering Recycling IQ Grants for communities that are ready to implement the Recycling IQ Kit in its entirety. For more information, contact your community’s Municipal Assistance Coordinator (MAC).

Your admirers,

The Recycle Smart Team at MassDEP

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