Grow Your Recycling Know-How

Happy Tuesday Recycle Smart Partners!

Going out on a limb to help others recycle smart?  With thousands of new trees planted on Arbor Day last Friday, now is the perfect time to remind folks about the numerous environmental and economic benefits of recycling paper and cardboard products. Here are some #TuesdayTips on why recycling paper and cardboard is so impactful:

  • The total economic impact of the paper recycling industry in 2017 was $46 billion (ISRI 2018)
  • Recycling one ton of mixed paper saves enough energy to power the average American home for six months (EPA 2016)
  • Office paper is recycled into paper towels, tissue paper and toilet paper
  • Approximately 80% of papermakers in the U.S. use recycled paper (AF&PA 2018)
  • Recycling one ton of paper saves 15 trees (WM 2017)

With all the negative stories about recycling in the news, it’s important to remind our friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, (and even ourselves!) why we recycle. Consider sharing these recycling facts with your network and joining in on The Recycling Partnership’s #KeepRecyclingPaper campaign.  As a Recycle Smart partner, your efforts to educate others on the importance of proper recycling is helping to generate a cleaner recycling stream in Massachusetts every day.

Frequently Asked Question: What about Batteries?

Household battery technology is changing quickly as lithium batteries replace traditional alkaline batteries (think AA, AAA, C and D).  While they look identical, the lithium type hold onto a lot of heat, even after they no longer power your flashlight or smoke alarm.  When they are put in recycling bins, they can cause fires at recycling facilities. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries are found in cell phones, laptops, and cordless power tools.

Thankfully, Call2Recycle offers safe, reliable take-back programs for many types of household batteries.  Check their handy drop-off locator tool to help you find the closest Call2Recycle box near you.  To learn more about setting up a battery recycling program at your municipality or business, contact Call2Recycle.

Help us spread the message that batteries of any kind do not belong in recycling bins by sharing this post with your followers on social media:

Post Copy:

“Batteries of any kind do not belong in your recycling bin [battery emoji].  They can create major fire hazards at recycling facilities due to the large amount heat they hold on to.

To find drop off locations for batteries, check with your city or town, or use the Call2Recycle Drop-Off Locator.  Learn more on ways to safely dispose of your batteries here: https://www.call2recycle.org/


Partner Spotlight: Town of Winchester

Residents learn about Recycle Smart at the Winchester Earth Day Event at the Jenks Center. Photo From Winchester Wicked Local article: "Winchester takes recycling a notch up " April 22, 2019 - Marriya Manzhos

The Town of Winchester is actively helping residents learn how to recycle smart.  From presenting at numerous events, to providing the town’s largest private haulers with Recycle Smart mailers for billing inserts, linking to Recycle Smart MA on the town’s website, and handing out Recycle Smart materials to residents with their new transfer station stickers, Winchester is sowing the seeds for smarter recycling.

A recent article in the Winchester Star and Wicked Local Winchester highlights what Winchester’s Recycling Coordinator, Norman Doucette, is doing to spread the word about the Recyclopedia and the five worst recycling offenders – bagged recyclables and trash, plastic bags and wrap, food and liquids, clothing, and tanglers.  Way to go, Winchester!

As we head into May tomorrow, let’s turn over a new leaf by working together to grow smarter recycling habits all season long.

With gratitude and appreciation for the trees,
The Recycle Smart Team at MassDEP

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